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Important Dates for Academic Year 2019-2020

 School Dates 2019/20


Dear All

Here we have our school term dates for 2019/20. 


August 19th School start Autumn Term

Week 44 - 28th October - 1st November - Half-Term/lov

December 20th - Autumn Term ends (Winter Break)

January 8th - School start - Spring Term

week 7 - 10th - 14th February Half Term/Sports Break

April 6th - 13th Easter Holiday

May 1st - May Day

May 21st - Ascencion Day

Great Results at ILCompetition Regional Finals

Congratulations to our students for the great results on the IlCompetition Regional Finals (SpråkOlympiaden). Our school came fourth in English & Spanish; great job Gunnar - Leo & Liv-Yuxin. We won the bronze medal (third place) in French; great results Stella & Gunnar

and the Gold medal (First place) in Swedish.


Excellent results Eskil & Gunnar and Good luck in the National Finals in Malmö.