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From the Principal

A positive start of the Spring Term


Dear Students and Guardians,


We have had a fantastic start to the Spring term! There is a positive feeling in the air, with lots of happy faces and focused students. We have started our first House competition of 2018 - House Basketball! The first round of games were played in good spirits, with students showing off their skills on the court. The games will continue over the next couple of weeks. Soon, we will have the results of our Reading Competition which started in December..... After that we will have competitions in baking, a talent contest and more dress up days.

Students are also soon taking part in our winter sports days, and have chosen from some wonderful activities such as skiing, ice skating and yoga. 

Recently, we held an Open House at school, showing prospective students and guardians our wonderful school building, as well as giving them an opportunity to talk to staff and students. Departments showed off student work and had various activities going on throughout the school. It was a great occasion.

After the sports break, we will have a special session for grade 8 guardians where we will give information about gymnasium and how the process works. From then it will not be too long until our attention will turn to National Tests.

We would, also, like to congratulate our Year 9 student, Hugo Spencer, who was successful in the Science Competition and will go to Slovenia to take part in the Grand Final and we wish him the best of luck.


Thanks for your continued support and have a good sports break.



AnnChristin Rothstein

From the Principal

Christmas Message

Dear Guardians at IES Johanneberg,

Soon, one more term is over and we see that both students and staff are looking forward to a great break. We have had a term full of successes, festivities and few challenges.

All the Year 9 students sat their oral National Tests in Swedish, English, Maths and Modern Languages. They were very focused, exactly how they had to be.

One of our students in Year 9 has qualified in the final in a big national Science Competition and he is going to travel to Stockholm in order to participate. We wish Hugo in 9D good luck.

Our new Year 7 are now fully on board and they seem to be happy with being in Year 7. We think that they take their schoolwork really seriously and they are working really well.

We have hade some challenges with our Year 8 but we have been working really hard, focusing on those challenges and we now see that the overall situation has become better.

Our Student Council has organised various school spirit days which were really amusing and joyful. We were dressed in our House colours, dressed up for Nobel Day and on Lucia Day we had a Christmas theme.

The Lucia Celebrations were a success and really amazing with beautiful songs. A huge thank you to everyone involved, students and teachers.

We have had few more challenges with some members of the staff who were on sick leave and it is always hard to find qualified teachers, especially during the term. We have our fantastic cover teachers who came in with short notice and helped with teaching. At this point, I would like to thank our regular teachers who have supported and helped so that the planning and the assesing procedures have been correct. 

When the spring term starts, we will welcome a new qualified teacher in Swedish and Social Science, Mr Maxe. We will also welcome Ms Forest, an experienced special educator, who is going to empower our Student and Care Team and replace Ms Hamlin. Mr Sortino, who covered for PE, is going to continue with that, so that we can ensure continuity in PE. Mr Sortino is also going to be a mentor for 7E.

Mr Flising is going on parental leave during the spring term but we have already found new school hosts for our student lounge. Though, we will not have the same service when it comes to the café; it will be open but with a more limited selection of goods. Ms Flising and Ms Fox-Jacobson are coming back after being on maternity leave and this means that our staffing, here at IES Johanneberg, will be stronger.

Finally, I would like to thank all the students, all the staff, the PTA and all the fantastic parents and guardians for the engagement and their cooperation. 

I wish you all a great and relaxing break and a really Happy New Year.


AnnChristin Rothstein,

Principal IES Johanneberg


From the Principal

Autumn Update

As we head towards the November break,  this feels like a good time to reflect on the first couple of months of life at IES Johanneberg 2017/18. The school feels very much a hive of activity and we would like to inform you of just some of the things we are up to.  

As usual, a member of the leader group, or administration, continues to meet and greet our students at the main entrance, welcoming them each day, with a big smile and a handshake.

We continue our work with the importance of building relations and have increased our Care and Development team, improving our staff presence around the building, including the lounge room, all helping towards creating a calm and peaceful environment.  Our library is better than ever, providing a controlled learning environment. We have also added study sessions into many class schedules. This has been most appreciated by students, teachers and guardians. Our study hall schedule is also complete now and fully functional.

House activities have started and we had a successful Football tournament for each year group. The students and staff had a wonderful time, with each game being played in the right spirit. Soon we will hand out trophies! We will also have House Colour and Halloween dress-up days, an Art competition, a crotchet competition and a Chess tournament.

In week 37, students had a fantastic day hiking. Grade 9s looked after grade 7s, guiding them through the woods and even cooking lunch for them! Grade 8 fended for themselves, happy to say all students made it!

Grade 9s visited Gymnasiemässan this week and are now beginning to see the reality of next year! Many students came back to school with a new focus and motivation to succeed this year.

We now look forward to our annual regional conference, where the staff at our school get the chance to share good practice and ideas with colleagues from other IES schools. Coming up in the calendar, we also have students sitting IGCSE exams, going out on PRAO, visiting the youth clinic, sitting national test oral exams, etc.

From the Principal

Welcome Back!

Dear all,

As the summer holidays come to their end, I hope that you are all feeling rested and relaxed, but also charged and ready for a new challenge. We are all so excited to welcome both existing students and new students to school on August 17th. 

I am sure 2017/18 will be a fantastic year, one full of learning and fun.  Our planning and preparations have been ongoing over the summer, all to ensure a successful time here for our students. We have been working with our staff around the theme of GRIT and growth mindset. The message is that everything is possible if we believe in ourselves, can open our minds and most importantly are prepared to work hard. We must all show perseverance and determination and then we can really achieve our goals. We want our students to not be afraid to fail, but see failure as a strength, embrace it, learn from it and improve. 

Don't give up or look for the easy way out!

See you all soon!

Ms Rothstein

From the Principal

School Inspection's Results

School Inspection's Results


As you may know, our school was recently inspected by Skolinspektionen and now the inspection report has been published.

It is very rare and a real achievement for a school to receive no comments, or only minor ones during an inspection. This is a sign of a very well-functioning school and means Skolinspektionen has not found anything they need to criticise. I am happy to inform you that this is what we have achieved.

Everyone invschool should be very proud for playing their part in making this school such a positive environment to study and to teach. Thank you for your daily efforts.

You can read the report here: http://siris.skolverket.se/siris/f?p=Siris:1:0

Yours faithfully,

AnnChristin Rothstein
Principal IES Johanneberg

From the Principal

Spring Term Update

Dear students and guardians,

We are now well into spring term and time is approaching fast. Right now we have sports break, giving our teachers and students a well deserved break. 

During this academic year we have seen our students grow and I have been fortunate enough to have seen and heard about many great leaps of progress among our student body due to the hard work the students and teachers are putting in. 

Spring term is a very hectic period with national tests, final grades and other important deadlines. It requires a lot of work from both staff and students. I can't wait to see what we will have accomplished when the spring term is over, and I as mentioned in the beginning - time is approaching fast.

AnnChristin Rothstein 

Principal IES Johanneberg

From the Principal

Welcome Back

Dear all,

Welcome back to a new term and to 2017!

We can look back at a very busy and incredibly productive fall term. Our students and staff have been working as hard as ever, to ensure goals are reached and our academic progress continues. The national test orals in Swedish, English and Maths went very smoothly, we had valuable development talks, our IGCSE exams were very successful etc.

We also had many fun events, including a UN day, a number of House competitions, a Halloween dress up day, a beautiful Lucia performance, an amazing winter ball and we ended the term with Student Choice days with activities ranging from rock climbing to Javascript programming.

This term we will take on all the National tests for Y 9, we are looking forward to a winter sports day soon and, later on, the annual Spring Bazaar.

We will also have a new team, Care And Development, CAD, and they will be mainly responsible for behavior issues. The CAD co-ordinator will be Mr Ibrahim who had worked with this for many years at IES. He will work closely with a team of school hosts and student assistants to develop the environment for our students.


I look forward to a new and exciting term and wish you all a happy and healthy 2017!


AnnChristin Rothstein

Principal IES Johanneberg








From the Principal

End of the term

We are coming to the end of another very busy and incredibly productive term. Our students and staff have been working as hard as ever, to ensure goals are reached and our academic progress continues. The national test orals in Swedish, English and Maths went very smoothly , we had valuable development talks, our IGCSE exams were very successful etc.

We  also had many fun events, including a UN day, a number of House competitions, a Halloween dress up day, a beautiful Lucia performance and most recently an amazing winter ball. 

The last two weeks we had student choice days, with activities ranging from rock climbing to Javascript programming. After that we wished all our students and staff a wonderful Christmas break.


A big thank you to all students, staff and supportive parents! I am so proud to be part of this team at IES Johanneberg.


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


AnnChristin Rothstein


From the Principal

Fall Break

Dear all,

We are now heading towards the midterm break and we have already done so much in a short space of time! I think we now all deserve some holiday time after all of this hard work!

We can look back now on a lot of success, fun school work and interesting activities.

In all subjects there have been tests, check points, presentations, assignments, deadlines as well as regular homework. I am so proud of all the ambitious and hardworking students and teachers! Students in year 9 have done the IGCSE tests in English and also there I am so proud of them.

The UN day, October 24th, with different activities in mixed groups was also a huge success.

Of course, the Houses have also been busy. We just finalized the Basketball competition and I want to congratulate House D on being the winner! Soon we will have the X-factor, the next exciting competition.

Today, the day before the break, we see wonderful sunshine and blue sky. The schoolyard with its big and colorful trees is so beautiful. And inside we have a dress up day, a fun school spirit day! The student council has decorated the school and both students and staff look really funny! 

I wish you all a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you again Nov 7th.



Ms  Rothstein