Swedish Prize for IES Students

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Swedish Prize for IES Students

Students from Internationella Engelska Skolan Johanneberg came away from a national contest with two prizes.
The final of iLCompetition, held in Malmö, saw the students from Johanneberg win first prize in the Swedish contest - Mästerskapet i Svenska, and third prize in Spanish.
Kicki Zhou and Gunnar Fovaeus (pictured above) competed against other students from across Sweden to win their place at the national final, but to win the overall contest in Swedish was a surprise.
Kicki said: “It was very nerve-wracking, we didn’t expect to get that far, the atmosphere was very exciting and tense because everybody was there to win.
"I don’t think we realised we had won until the host said it out loud, we were so focussed on the questions that we didn’t realise it, and then it was this big rush of joy.
"I am pleased that I took part in the event, when I was first asked to the regionals I was hesitant, I wasn’t sure it was worth it, but it ended up being a memory for life, so I am glad I went."
Gunnar added: “There was only one school who got the first question right, and I thought they would win everything.  Two questions later we were in first place and they were last.
“There was a school there from Uppsala who did well, and both teams were close until the end. Then on the second to last question we beat them, which felt amazing.
“It went so fast, there were question numbers but we didn’t look at the numbers, and we didn’t know how many questions were remaining. Then suddenly they said congratulations you have won, and we couldn’t believe it, we were so happy.”
The contest is a language and culture contest in modern languages, and Swedish, for students from both grund and gymnasieskolor, with the aim of enhancing students' knowledge of languages.
While Gunnar and Kicki did exceptionally well in Swedish, they were not the only IES team in the contest.  IES Lund were also in the Swedish final with them. IES Johanneberg also took third place in Spanish, slightly ahead of IES Hässleholm who were joint fourth.  IES Hässleholm also came third in French and fourth in English.  In the contest for upper secondary schools, Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm placed second in French and fourth in Spanish.