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PTA - Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting

Dear All

Our Parent Teacher Annual General Meeting will be on Tuesday 8 October, at 17:30. Either in the restaurant here at Johanneberg or the Staffroom; it all depends on how many of us will attend. I am sure our students will bake something special to sell for their class savings. 

You are all more than welcome! The agenda, Previous Year's Report and Association's Guidelines are all available on Schoolsoft. We will try and publish them here in due course.

Douglas McPherson, Principal IES Johanneberg 7-9

PTA - Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting

Dear All

We plan to hold our annual general meeting on 8 October 17:30 - 19:00 in IES Johanneberg's restaurant.

Please come along and support our students in years 7, 8 and 9. We have to start planning for all the different activities that will brighten up the year ahead. Our main goal is to organise a successful Year 9 Prom/Ball at the end of May or the beginning of June 2020. This has been financed mainly by our Spring Bazar and a small donation from all the students. There is not a set venue or layout that we follow; we will create a committee that will organise everything - parents/students and representatives from the school. 

Ideas and suggestions are more than welcome at our PTA. We will try to meet every month (maybe more if needed) and there is never a must - we all have families and jobs that can mean prioritising other things. 

You are all more than welcome!


Douglas McPherson, Principal IES Johanneberg 7-9

Back to School

Back to School

Dear Students and Guardians,

A warm welcome to IES Johanneberg and the school year 2019-2020. We will be very excited to see you all on Monday 19th August

All students will gather in the school yard and find their mentors who will have a large class sign.

If you do not remember your mentor or class you will meet staff in the school yard, we will have a sign “NEW STUDENTS” and we will help you find your mentor and class. It is extremely important that all new students bring in copies of their grades/medical certificates or any other important information that will enable the school to give everyone the best possible start. 


8.30-10:30 Y7 - No Lunch, Mentor Meeting and Planning, New Schedule
9.00-11.00 Y8 - No Lunch, Mentor Meeting and Planning, New Schedule
9.30-11.30 Y9 - No Lunch, Mentor Meeting and Planning, New Schedule

Tuesday 20th August - Normal Timetable and Lunch


I would also like to invite all parents to our annual parent meetings:

Wed 21st August Parent meeting Year 7

17:30-18:15 - 7ABC start in Restaurant 

18.30 -19.15 - 7A - room 302, 7B - room 303, 7C - room 304 

17:30-18:15 - 7D - room 402, 7E -room 403, 7F - room 404

18.30 -19.15 - 7DEF in Restaurant

Tue 27th August Parent meeting Year 8

17:30-18:15 - 8ABC in Restaurant 

18.30 -19.15 - 8A- room 302, 8B - room 303, 8C - room 304 

17:30-18:15 - 8D - room 402, 8E - room 403, 8F - room 404

18.30 -19.15 - 8DEF in Restaurant

Wed 28th August Parent meeting Year 9

17.30-18.15 - 9ABC start in Restaurant

18.30 -19.15 - 9A - room 302, 9B - room 303, 9C - room 304 

17:30-18:15 - 9D -room 402, 9E - room 403, 9F - room 404 

18.30 -19.15 - 9DEF in Restaurant 


I would also like to take the opportunity to remind all of you that we will have our Parent/Teacher/Development meeting day on Wednesday 11th of September where all students and guardians will be invited to a 30 minute developmental talk. This is very important and is vital that you attend, you will have the opportunity to receive an update regarding your child’s progress/current situation. 


If you have any questions please feel free to send me an e-mail( or call the school directly
A warm welcome!

Mr Douglas McPherson, Principal

Silver in Swedish National Team Chess Competition 2019

Silver in Swedish National Team Chess Competition 2019

This April and May has been extremely successful for our chess team. We won the regional finals here in Göteborg and qualified for the National finals in Stockholm. The competition they faced was extremely difficult but confident they were. Accompanied by their coaches, Mr Dufwenberg and Mr Maxe, they travelled up to the capital city and put in the performance of a lifetime...... silver!

We are extremely proud of our players and the chess club we have here at IES Johanneberg. They are an inspiration to us all. I hope we can help them to another level in the Nordic Championships later in the year; another adventure and another proud moment in IES, talk about aspiring to new heights! 

Important Dates for Academic Year 2019-2020

 School Dates 2019/20


Dear All

Here we have our school term dates for 2019/20. 


August 19th School start Autumn Term

Week 44 - 28th October - 1st November - Half-Term/lov

December 20th - Autumn Term ends (Winter Break)

January 8th - School start - Spring Term

week 7 - 10th - 14th February Half Term/Sports Break

April 6th - 13th Easter Holiday

May 1st - May Day

May 21st - Ascencion Day