Life at Johanneberg

Here, at IES Johanneberg, we have a house system which has raised group loyalty and spirit. It has provided a way for age groups to mix and promote older students supporting younger. Two house captains (boy and girl) from each grade are selected plus one teacher (Housemaster) to oversee events and assemblies etc.

We have assemblies - once per month in the restaurant (captains and teachers select the best times) We discuss upcoming events, themes etc. Houses have responsibilities during the big school events such as spring bazaar.

Each house has a corridor to look after. A colour represents each house. 

Events include:

  • Arts & Music
  • Theme Days 
  • Quizzes
  • Chess
  • Football, basketball, Athletics etc
  • Debating

House captains are responsible for gathering participants for events.

Johanneberg - First day at school
First day of school
Johanneberg - Science class
Science class
Johanneberg - Textile
Textile class


Johanneberg - Salad buffet