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Welcome back to IES Johanneberg

Kära elever och föräldrar på Internationella Engelska skolan Johanneberg!

Jag hoppas ni har ett härligt sommarlov med många roliga aktiviteter!  Även om sommarlovet inte alls är slut ännu vill jag önska er varmt välkomna till skolåret 2015-2016.

Skolan börjar måndagen den 24 augusti på IES Johanneberg

Åk 7 kl. 08.30-11.00

Åk 8 kl 09.30-11.30

Åk 9 kl 10.00-12.00

Det känns extra spännande att få välkomna alla nya elever och vårdnashavare  till IES Johanneberg, Framnäsgatan 25.

Alla elever samlas vid entrén mot skolgården och där kommer ni att möta era mentorer, som kommer att ta er till rätt klassrum. För alla elever i åk 7 samt nya elever på IES Johanneberg, kom ihåg att ta med 100 kr till deposition för skåplåset. Dessa pengar får man tillbaka när man lämnar IES och återlämnar låset.  Det serveras ingen lunch den här första uppropsdagen som är en kort dag.

Den andra skoldagen, den 25 augusti, kommer att vara mentordag. Det betyder att klassen tillsammans med mentorerna kommer att ha ett eget program och tiderna är 09.00-14.00. Detta får ni information om på första skoldagen. Från och med den 26 augusti gäller ordinarie schema.

Jag vill också passa på att inbjuda till höstens första föräldramöte för åk 7 den 8 september , för åk 8 den 9 september och för åk 9 den 10 september. För åk 9 innehåller mötet gymnasieinformation från vår SYV Mr Lars Nyström. Särskild inbjudan med program kommer under första skolveckan.

Jag ser verkligen fram emot att få träffa er alla och starta ett nytt spännande läsår tillsammans.


AnnChristin Rothstein

Rektor IES Johanneberg

Dear Students and Guardians at Internationella Engelska Skolan Johanneberg!

I hope you have all had  a great summer break with a lot of fun activities! We will soon start a new school year and I want to say a warm welcome to IES Johanneberg and the school year 2015-2016.

The school starts at August 24th and the address is Framnäsgatan 25. If you have been a student at IES Johanneberg I look forward to seeing you again and to all new students and guardians I say a warm welcome.

Year 7,   08.30-11.00

Year 8,   09.30-11.30

Year 9,   10.00-12.00

The mentors will meet the students at the entrance door towards the school yard and guide them to the classroom.

The first day will be a short day and no lunch will be served. Please, if you are a year 7 student or a new IES student, please remember to bring 100 SEK, the deposit for the padlock. You will have the deposit back when you leave IES Johanneberg and return the padlock.

Tuesday August 25th  will be a Mentor day. The class is then together with the mentors and the times are 09.00-14.00. More information will be given during the first school day.

From August 26th  we will work according to the schedule.

I will also take the opportunity to invite all parents to the first parent meeting. For year 7, Sept 8th , year 8, Sept 9th  and for year 9, Sept 10th. The year 9 meeting will focus on Gymnasieinformation/High school information by our Career Counsellor Mr Lars Nyström. More information will come during the first week.

I really look forward to meeting you all and to start a new exciting school year!

AnnChristin Rothstein

Rektor IES Johanneberg


Camps That Teach Teamwork And Positivity

Location: The camp at Högbo Bruk

An action-packed programme of fun activities saw 60 children from more than 13 schools attend Internationella Engelska Skolan's camps as the Swedish summer got underway.

A three day programme included axe-throwing, team building activities, shooting and the always popular tree-top course.

Students also take responsibility for duties, including groups taking turns to watch the fire and make sure it doesn't go out overnight.

The activities are designed to promote positivity, teamwork and to boost the confidence of the students who attend the camp at Högbo Bruk, near Gävle.

Ingrid Sjöstrandt Needham from class 8G at IES Uppsala was one of the students taking part. She said: "I've really learned to step out of my comfort zone on several levels. Usually I always wear make up at school, but I actually went bare-faced the entire trip.  

"Another way I really got wonderfully uncomfortable was speaking my mind, sharing ideas and not avoiding people I didn't know. If I could stay for a week with these amazing people, I would in a heartbeat."

Mohammed Mohtadi, who had come to the camp from IES Hässelby, added: "My best memory from camp was to meet all the real friends that had fun inside them.  I learnt that if I have an idea I need to voice it and if I have a negative opinion then I need to keep it to myself because negativity spreads out fast to everyone."

Camp leader Tony Fowler, who works as Discipline Manager at IES Eskilstuna, said: "These events are very popular with the children who take part, but it is not just about having a good time.  The skills and the ways of thinking that we encourage during the camp will stand them in good stead in the classroom, and in future life. The idea behind the camps is to help the students grow as people, a wonderful compliment to the high quality education that they receive at our schools."

Ellery Nott from IES Uppsala was one of the teachers who brought children to the camp. 

He said: "During their short stay at camp, I witnessed an amazing transformation take place in nearly all the students. People that have trouble making friends were suddenly playing cards, darts, fishing and laughing with people from another school.  Many who were painfully shy before were brave enough to get up in front of camp with their team and perform a team song."

Jenna MacGillivary a teacher from Ies Hässelby added: "It is important to give these kinds of students that opportunity to grow and shine, like they do at this camp. These students often go unnoticed in lessons because they are quiet and shy and can often fade into the background.  "It is great to have the opportunity to see these students have the opportunity to meet with students who are similar, and see them be the ones to take charge and lead a group. These students rarely get these opportunities and it is good for them to see what they are capable in a different setting, when given the opportunity."

IES Schools which took part this year included those in: Johanneberg, Uppsala, Liljeholmen, Huddinge, Hässelby, Linköping, Bromma, Falun, Nacka, Täby, Sundsvall, Eskilstuna and Västerås.

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From the Principal

The end of the School Year 2014-2015

Dear Students, Staff and Guardians,

I would like to say a warm thank you to all of you for this amazing school year of 2014-2015.

It has been the first year where we have been a grade 7-9 school, IES Johanneberg, and where we have had access to all areas of this fantastic building, here at Framnäsgatan 25.

During the school year both students and staff have worked incredibly hard and now we can reflect on so many successful results and achievements. 

Of course academic performance can be measured in a variety of ways. We have students who have achieved remarkable grades, but also many who have made great progress and have significantly improved their grades. 

We also attended the Modern Language Olympics with very good results. We are also proud of our Spring Bazaar, well organized sports days, Student Choice days and of course our wonderful Graduation Ceremony, which took place on June 12th!

To the Graduating group of 2015, I want to say thank you and good luck for the future!

I wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to welcoming you back in August.

 AnnChristin Rothstein

Principal IES Johanneberg


Student Choice - Rube Goldberg

A Rube Goldberg machine performs a simple task in the most complicated way possible. A group of dedicated students in years 7, 8 and 9 were given some basic materials and access to a stair case. They designed and constructed an "End-of-the-school-year-machine" which delivers a pair of scissors allowing a student to clear out their books. Take a look!

See video
From the Principal

Spring Bazaar 2015

Thank you for all those who took part. We have a small video of the day. We hope to see you and all your friends and family again, next year.


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