Welcome Back!

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From the Principal

Dear all,

As the summer holidays come to their end, I hope that you are all feeling rested and relaxed, but also charged and ready for a new challenge. We are all so excited to welcome both existing students and new students to school on August 17th. 

I am sure 2017/18 will be a fantastic year, one full of learning and fun.  Our planning and preparations have been ongoing over the summer, all to ensure a successful time here for our students. We have been working with our staff around the theme of GRIT and growth mindset. The message is that everything is possible if we believe in ourselves, can open our minds and most importantly are prepared to work hard. We must all show perseverance and determination and then we can really achieve our goals. We want our students to not be afraid to fail, but see failure as a strength, embrace it, learn from it and improve. 

Don't give up or look for the easy way out!

See you all soon!

Ms Rothstein