A positive start of the Spring Term

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From the Principal


Dear Students and Guardians,


We have had a fantastic start to the Spring term! There is a positive feeling in the air, with lots of happy faces and focused students. We have started our first House competition of 2018 - House Basketball! The first round of games were played in good spirits, with students showing off their skills on the court. The games will continue over the next couple of weeks. Soon, we will have the results of our Reading Competition which started in December..... After that we will have competitions in baking, a talent contest and more dress up days.

Students are also soon taking part in our winter sports days, and have chosen from some wonderful activities such as skiing, ice skating and yoga. 

Recently, we held an Open House at school, showing prospective students and guardians our wonderful school building, as well as giving them an opportunity to talk to staff and students. Departments showed off student work and had various activities going on throughout the school. It was a great occasion.

After the sports break, we will have a special session for grade 8 guardians where we will give information about gymnasium and how the process works. From then it will not be too long until our attention will turn to National Tests.

We would, also, like to congratulate our Year 9 student, Hugo Spencer, who was successful in the Science Competition and will go to Slovenia to take part in the Grand Final and we wish him the best of luck.


Thanks for your continued support and have a good sports break.



AnnChristin Rothstein