Halloween, Week 44 and December Grades

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From the Principal

First of all, a warm welcome back to IES Johanneberg and we hope everyone is feeling recharged, refueled and ready for the last spurt towards the December grades. 

We had a great finish to the first part of the Autumn Term with a Halloween themed week which all ended with fancy dress on the Friday before the break. Our Student Council did a fantastic job in organizing the events and the school was a joy to be in with all the great costumes, hair styles and make-up, well done!!

Let's hope we can keep this positive feeling into the Christmas celebrations, which is just around the corner. We will soon publish information about events in December, especially the last week of term.

In week 44, with no students in the building, we cleaned the walls and common areas from the few bits of graffiti that had suddenly appeared. Overall, the school seems to be absent from graffiti and free from damage, the students must be applauded. We have the physical building and the physical environment around the school as an area of improvement and it looks like we are succeeding. We have posted all the updated teacher's photos in the main staircase as well as hung up all the national flags of our staff, 16 countries in total; truly international. We have also hung up flags to represent the languages we teach in at our school, the bilingualism, the Swedish and the British (English). We hope we can signal to all our students how important our languages are. We need to use them correctly and avoid all those words and phrases that many may feel insulted by. With so many nationalities it is easy for us to discover them. 

As time flies by and Autumn becomes Winter, December grades will soon be here. I hope that I can meet as many parents as I can before this in an effort to explain the grading system and what "Skolverket" recommends. I hope to send out invitations to you all as soon as we can find a suitable arena/place to meet. Please follow our homepage over the next few weeks in case you miss the information/invitation. 

Again, thank you to Student Council for a fantastic Halloween, it feels great to celebrate this old Celtic festival here in Sweden! Keep up the good work.