Great end to the Autumn term

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From the Principal
Great end to the Autumn term

What a way to finish off this term, 9th graders performing a wonderful concert in Vasakyrkan. They certainly put us all the festive mood and left most with a tear in the eye; thank you!

To recap our year so far we’ve come a long way in just a short period, and we know exactly where we are in terms of grades, attitudes and goals. Our School Development Plan version 1.0 is up and running, although not entirely complete. The SDP was launched very quickly this autumn and will be the template for the next academic year, version 2.0. I will publish the final document as a pdf here, and on Schoolsoft.

We have had several parent evenings this term and had a great turnout. We had our normal year meetings in September and a meeting regarding grades and our assessment methods here at IES Johanneberg just before the end of term. We also had some great initiativeshown by a few year 8 students and Ms Hussey, “Winter Wonderland”, which was a resounding success. Again, well done!

As I still reflect over the end of term assembly and our Lucia celebrations, I cannot help but feel proud at the talent we have here at our school. As my first term draws to an end and the final few stones are turned over I have realized that we have to open up our school more and invite in all parents, local companies and international contacts to these events. I want to make our Graduation Ceremony just as successful and moving as Vasakyrkan, and I’m probably going to need a little help. I wish we attract more parents to our PTA, we need your support!

Just to remind you all of the changes we have made so far this academic year:

  • New House system and names
  • New supplier of food for the restaurant
  • Re-vamped Student Council
  • Opened up the main doors again – meet and greet
  • New “Lock-Down” system installed to improve safety
  • End of term assembly for all students with prizes and festivities
  • New PTA format
  • School Development Plan

Let 2019 be a year of development and openness at IES Johanneberg. Let’s encourage growth and build an IES network that we are all proud of….. our doors are always open and eager for new ideas and challenges

Douglas McPherson, Principal IES Johanneberg