Christmas Message

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From the Principal

Dear Guardians at IES Johanneberg,

Soon, one more term is over and we see that both students and staff are looking forward to a great break. We have had a term full of successes, festivities and few challenges.

All the Year 9 students sat their oral National Tests in Swedish, English, Maths and Modern Languages. They were very focused, exactly how they had to be.

One of our students in Year 9 has qualified in the final in a big national Science Competition and he is going to travel to Stockholm in order to participate. We wish Hugo in 9D good luck.

Our new Year 7 are now fully on board and they seem to be happy with being in Year 7. We think that they take their schoolwork really seriously and they are working really well.

We have hade some challenges with our Year 8 but we have been working really hard, focusing on those challenges and we now see that the overall situation has become better.

Our Student Council has organised various school spirit days which were really amusing and joyful. We were dressed in our House colours, dressed up for Nobel Day and on Lucia Day we had a Christmas theme.

The Lucia Celebrations were a success and really amazing with beautiful songs. A huge thank you to everyone involved, students and teachers.

We have had few more challenges with some members of the staff who were on sick leave and it is always hard to find qualified teachers, especially during the term. We have our fantastic cover teachers who came in with short notice and helped with teaching. At this point, I would like to thank our regular teachers who have supported and helped so that the planning and the assesing procedures have been correct. 

When the spring term starts, we will welcome a new qualified teacher in Swedish and Social Science, Mr Maxe. We will also welcome Ms Forest, an experienced special educator, who is going to empower our Student and Care Team and replace Ms Hamlin. Mr Sortino, who covered for PE, is going to continue with that, so that we can ensure continuity in PE. Mr Sortino is also going to be a mentor for 7E.

Mr Flising is going on parental leave during the spring term but we have already found new school hosts for our student lounge. Though, we will not have the same service when it comes to the café; it will be open but with a more limited selection of goods. Ms Flising and Ms Fox-Jacobson are coming back after being on maternity leave and this means that our staffing, here at IES Johanneberg, will be stronger.

Finally, I would like to thank all the students, all the staff, the PTA and all the fantastic parents and guardians for the engagement and their cooperation. 

I wish you all a great and relaxing break and a really Happy New Year.


AnnChristin Rothstein,

Principal IES Johanneberg