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Dear Students and Guardians,

A warm welcome to IES Johanneberg and the school year 2019-2020. We will be very excited to see you all on Monday 19th August

All students will gather in the school yard and find their mentors who will have a large class sign.

If you do not remember your mentor or class you will meet staff in the school yard, we will have a sign “NEW STUDENTS” and we will help you find your mentor and class. It is extremely important that all new students bring in copies of their grades/medical certificates or any other important information that will enable the school to give everyone the best possible start. 


8.30-10:30 Y7 - No Lunch, Mentor Meeting and Planning, New Schedule
9.00-11.00 Y8 - No Lunch, Mentor Meeting and Planning, New Schedule
9.30-11.30 Y9 - No Lunch, Mentor Meeting and Planning, New Schedule

Tuesday 20th August - Normal Timetable and Lunch


I would also like to invite all parents to our annual parent meetings:

Wed 21st August Parent meeting Year 7

17:30-18:15 - 7ABC start in Restaurant 

18.30 -19.15 - 7A - room 302, 7B - room 303, 7C - room 304 

17:30-18:15 - 7D - room 402, 7E -room 403, 7F - room 404

18.30 -19.15 - 7DEF in Restaurant

Tue 27th August Parent meeting Year 8

17:30-18:15 - 8ABC in Restaurant 

18.30 -19.15 - 8A- room 302, 8B - room 303, 8C - room 304 

17:30-18:15 - 8D - room 402, 8E - room 403, 8F - room 404

18.30 -19.15 - 8DEF in Restaurant

Wed 28th August Parent meeting Year 9

17.30-18.15 - 9ABC start in Restaurant

18.30 -19.15 - 9A - room 302, 9B - room 303, 9C - room 304 

17:30-18:15 - 9D -room 402, 9E - room 403, 9F - room 404 

18.30 -19.15 - 9DEF in Restaurant 


I would also like to take the opportunity to remind all of you that we will have our Parent/Teacher/Development meeting day on Wednesday 11th of September where all students and guardians will be invited to a 30 minute developmental talk. This is very important and is vital that you attend, you will have the opportunity to receive an update regarding your child’s progress/current situation. 


If you have any questions please feel free to send me an e-mail( or call the school directly
A warm welcome!

Mr Douglas McPherson, Principal