Our Story

The history of IES Johanneberg:

  • 1912 plans for a new school agreed by architect Arvid Fuhre
  • May 1925 the construction work began
  • Completed in December 1926.
  • Spring 1927 the school was established 
  • October 29, 1927 school inaugurated and built for 700 elementary school students and had 23 classrooms.
  • The school's first principal was Nils Ekström († 1968). 
  • The school had 552 pupils years in 1942.
  • February 2012 - Buråsskolan closed
  • September 2013 IES Johanneberg opened
Ceiling Artwork
Ceiling Artwork

The halländske sculptor Axel Andersson performed a figure group in tympanonfältet. He created the studded medallions on the facade of the courtyard. Jerk Werkmäster (1896-1978), Peder Nyblom and J. Grate represented the interior, with artwork that describes Göteborgs four main industries: agriculture, trade, fishing and shipping. The main staircase contains reliefs made to Gothenburg Exhibition 1923.

Looking outside
Looking outside

IES Johanneberg Background

The International English School Johanneberg in Göteborg is a school within the IES organisation. We are an independent school (grades 7-9) which was started in August 2013. The school is located in Framnäsgatan 25.

IES Johanneberg is a bilingual school, with fifty percent of our classes taught in English and fifty percent in Swedish. We want to encourage our students to excel in their home language, while giving them the confidence to pursue opportunities abroad when they get older. Our students are highly motivated individuals who want to get the most out of their education.

Our approach to education aims to promote:

  • Positive, active, cooperative learning
  • High academic ambition and achievement
  • Student self-esteem

At our school students are encouraged to take responsibility for their educational development. With our  ”approaches to learning” skills as a base students quickly develop their self-esteem, leading to high levels of both academic ambition and achievement. Our highly effective student care team work closely together with the teachers in order to ensure that our goals are attained.

In conjunction with the educational philosophy of the International English Schools organisation, IES Johanneberg strives to align itself with certain fundamental educational ideas.

These include:

  • Goal oriented learning
  • All students being given the opportunity to succeed
  • Internationalism
  • Bilingualism
  • The creation of a constructive, calm, safe learning environment

We are home to students from many different municipalities, including Gothenburg, Härryda, Partille, Alingsås, Molndal, Kungsbacka, and Lerum. Students at our schools are mentored and taught by highly trained teachers from both Sweden and abroad, who teach not only academic subjects, but also personal responsibility, respect, and the social and emotional skills they need to reach their highest potential in society.